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As a Canadian garment importer and exporter, our primary focus is on providing comprehensive sourcing services for a wide range of knitwear, woven garments, and sweaters. We understand the dynamic and competitive nature of the global fashion industry and aim to meet the diverse needs of our clients by delivering high-quality products.


Cotton, Jersy, Pique, Yarn Dyed, Interlock, Fleece, Viscose, Burnout, Rib, Tharmal, Slub, Polyester, Velour, Organic Fabric, Linen, Modal, Nylon, Rayon, Ramie, Cotton/Spandex, Poly/Cotton, Viscose/Cotton, Viscose/Nylon, Viscose/Polyester, Modal/Cotton, Nylon/Cotton, Polyester/Nylon, Ramie/Cotton, Rayon/Cotton, Rayon/Linen, Rayon/Nylon, Rayon/Polyester.


Cotton, Polyester, Sheeting, Poplin, Calico, Canvas, Twill, Voil, Velvet, Netting, Tricot, Panama, Oxford, Bedford Cord, Dobby, Herringbone, Ribstop, Fil-A-Fil, Chambray, Camouflage, Chenille, Chiffon, Corduroy, Flannel, Georgette, Lace, Mesh, Peach Skin, Stretch Fabric, Plush, Satin, Suede, Taffeta, Taslan, Denim, Silk, Wool Fabric, Linen/Cotton, Silk/Cotton, Wool/Polyester, Cotton/Polyester, Cotton/Spandex, Cotton/Polyester/Spandex, Yarn Dyed & Printed.

Fabric Dyeing

Acrylic Yarn, Acrylic Mélange, Acrylic Smiling, Acrylic Cotton Like, Acrylic Cashmere Like, Acrylic/Wool, Acrylic Chenille, Acrylic/Nylon, Acrylic/Nylon/Spandex, Cotton Yarn, CVC Yarn, Acrylic/Cotton, Cotton/Melange, Viscose/Rayon, Nylon/Spandex,Cotton/Nylon, Cotton/Nylon Pice Dying, Viscose/Nylon, Metallic Yarn, Wool Yarn, Wool/Viscose, Wool/Acrylic Wool/Nylon, Wool/Cotton,Mohair Yarn, Neps Yarn, Lurex Yarn, Ribbon Yarn, Hemp Yarn, Acrylic/Merino Wool, Cashmere, Polyester Yarn, Polyester/Spandex, Polyester Sequinse,Linen Yarn, Linen/Cotton, Mop Yarn, Micro Fiber Mop Yarn, Rayon Yarn, Rayon/Spandex, Modal Yarn, Modal Melange, Modal/Cashmere.


Moderna Fashion Canada Inc has a strong sourcing team to source all kind of Basic and Fashionable Yarn, Fabric, Accessories, Print, Auto Machine Print & Embroidery in Bangladesh as well as China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan. We have some Strong Assistant Company in China who supplies our all kind of imported Yarn, Fabric, Trims & They make sure our Quality & on-time Delivery. Our supplier always sources for us in new style Yarn, Fabrics, Accessories for introducing for our Buyer to develop in their new style product as per their market.

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Emma Amieda

These jeans are super comfy, great fit, and stylish. A must-have for wardrobe.

Fara Ninie

Durable denim fabric, perfect for everyday. Versatile shades.


Super comfy, light weight. More of a Fall jogger than Winter. Washed well.

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